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Why eBay chose to separate from PayPal.com


Some headlines were made when eBay announced they will be officially breaking up the merger between its payment facilitator PayPal in 2015.

We’re sure that the first thoughts that popped into the minds of many: Google Wallet (International), Apple Pay and several of the other Wallet startups that have been gaining some ground in the past couple of years. Google > Yahoo, Facebook > Myspace. Is PayPal next to be on the right side of the equation? Could this be fear in the eyes of eBay that PayPal is up against some serious competition in the years to come and can lose their position as leading online p2p payment facilitator and possibly hurt stock values as a whole?

This could be a smart strategic move by eBay’s part to distance their main brand from a service they themselves may see as weakening in the near future. We thought this would be an interesting topic to touch on as many in the domain industry use PayPal to receive funds on smaller domain name sales. Food for thought.

Time will tell, and we look forward on seeing how the eWallet industry evolves.

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  1. Nice article. I believe that ebay is spliting with Paypal it because of the competition as well. They just so happen to announce this after Apple announced their plans for their pay system. They are probably fearing that profits the see from Paypal will keep declining and this is a precautionary measure.

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