Two-Letter Swedish ccTLD Domain Tops This Week’s Sales Chart After Changing Hands for Over a Quarter of a Million Dollars | Domain Headlines

Two-Letter Swedish ccTLD Domain Tops This Week’s Sales Chart After Changing Hands for Over a Quarter of a Million Dollars


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Over the past year there has been considerable talk about the competition between .coms and the hundreds of new gTLDs that have now arrived on the scene. With the focus on that battle, some have been overlooking the ccTLDs – a category, that like .com, is considerably stronger in aftermarket sales than non .com gTLDs are (the new gTLDs fall into the latter category). We got a reminder of that this week when we learned that the Swedish country code domain was sold for 2,180,500 Swedish kronor which comes out to $265,149 at today’s exchange rate.

That was easily the biggest single domain sale reported over the past two weeks, regardless of extension NamesCon conference last week, so this week’s column covers the past two weeks of reported sales). There were some nice sales in the live domain auction at NamesCon¬† but the biggest of those – at $350,000 – was a two-domain lot including both and HomeCare.netthat we unfortunately can’t chart because individual prices were not established for the two names due to them being grouped. (Update: after publication we were informed by RightOfTheDot that the buyer paid only for and did not want which is still available for sale. As a result we will be able to chart next week).¬† also drew a six-figure bid at $140,000 but as of this writing payment and transfer had not yet been completed for that domain.

So, that leaves standing at the summit on our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. At $265,149 that sale was bigger than any country code sale reported last year except one which sold for over $512,000 in January 2014. was sold when the operator of the .SE registry decided to auction off 349 premium domains that were previously reserved in a sale handled by Hat tip to Christopher Hofman Laursen from the European Domain Centre for the background on this sale.

The ccTLDs made it two out of three with the 3rd spot on the Big Board going to at$36,480 via Sedo. Sandwiched in between the two country code domains was #2, a domain that Maz Ghani sold for $40,000. Rounding out the first five are #4, changing hands for $35,000 at Sedo, and #5, sold for $32,500 by

The .coms went on to pile up 12 of the 20 chart entries, including’s $25,000sale of #6 The ccTLDs followed with five (including another top ten entry in, sold at Sedo for $14,820). That left three spots for the non .con gTLDs. That group was led by Sedo’s sale of #9 at $15,000.

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