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What is This? Negative Domain Parking Revenue?


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Domain parking sucks, is getting worse and worse, year after year… but could it get SO BAD that you end up with a negative balance? We have all had the 1 click for $0.00 but could it be worse? According to SmartName, it appears so. I mentioned my displeasure with SmartName earlier this week about “Quality Adjustments” and nothing to back up the “adjustments”.
In fact, I went back and forth with SmartName rep Elizabeth to get things straightened out and I think she stopped replying to me once I started asking her to verify that my domain parking balance is negative! I didn’t get a domain parking revenue payment the past two months and couldn’t figure out why. I was shown a “Total” in my account. A positive total. When a “Total” is displayed, that is what SmartName has always paid me. So here are the numbers:
Again, do you see a negative sign in front of my “Total” for either month? A negative sign by the quality adjustment number? No! December shows $73.31 total and November shows $33.85 total. It never dawned on me that the totals may be negative, because how do you end up with a negative balance, when if anything should happen, you end up with $0. If something was wrong with what you earned, they claw it back! If you have 5 fingers, get them all cut off for stealing, you have 0 fingers left! Not negative fingers, zero fingers!
I was repeatedly told from Elizabeth
we did receive chargebacks in those amounts from our feed providers, which were larger than the amount of revenue you accrued, so there was no revenue left over from those months that was due to be paid out.
How do you get a chargeback LARGER than what I earned? That doesn’t make any sense?
The way I am seeing the “Totals” now is, in November, I earned $46.96 in parking revenue, but the quality adjustment from the feed provider was $-80.81? Again, how do I earn $46.96 and have $80.81 taken away? This would leave me with $-33.85 . December was even worse! $7.51 in revenue and a chargeback from the ad provider of $-80.82, with a negative balance of $-73.31 .
What in the world?
I expressed that I needed some proof of these clawbacks. How do I know this $80+ chargebacks are not for another account than mine? I have parked the very same domain names month after month after month and changed nothing. Is SmartName padding other accounts to make up money someplace?
I want some answers! What went wrong to have the clawbacks? Show me some IP addresses. What domain name(s) were involved. Are we talking a couple clicks, thousands of clicks? How do you rank “good” traffic, compared to “bad” traffic? Show me some proof please Elizabeth:
The feed provider is not under obligation to provide us with specific information regarding chargebacks. We understand that you would like specific information, but we do not have specific information to provide.
So, blind again. I have to accept that, SmartName and the ad providers are the boss? They do not have to provide proof if they are stealing your money or not? What they say goes?
At this point is when I started asking for clarifications if my “Totals” are actually negative numbers and I haven’t heard back yet. I think it’s pretty clear that my domain parking revenue is a Negative Balance! Even though none of the numbers displayed “show” they are negative and with Elizabeth stating the chargebacks:
were larger than the amount of revenue you accrued, so there was no revenue left over from those months that was due to be paid out.
It’s clear they took back more than I actually earned and my balance is negative. How do you like those apples! Rotten! I moved to DomainNameSales.com shortly after emailing Elizabeth and won’t look back. Not for the parking, but for the sales, customer support and simply a better overall system. I used my SmartName pages with a link on top of the page that directly linked to Afternic listing pages. I would get a 5% kickback on Afternic domain sales with the domain parked at SmartName… and it made sense to do it. So, now I think I may just leave Afternic in the dust as well. At a minimum, I think I will remove my BIN prices from Afternic and see how the brokers do via DNS.
So can you end up with a negative domain name parking balance? I guess so! If they send me a bill, I’m taking a little trip to pay some people a visit!

Taken from DotWeekly

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