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Vegas Social Media King shows no love to .Vegas

ad Social Giant is not exactly a fan of the new .vegas gTLD

The founders of, which has over 110,000 likes on Facebook and over 71,000 Twitter followers is not shy about stating their opinion when asked about the new gTLD domain name dot-vegas

“It’s a racket, a waste of money and a doomed concept….”

Michael Berkens, Editor-In-Chief of TheDomains, co-founder of Worldwide Media Inc. which owns over 75K domains and frequent guest on DomainSherpa would concur while sharing his article on the thoughts of’s “it’s a racket” statement:

“The Internet is getting a massive transfusion of new “real estate” that almost nobody in the business world actually wanted. ICANN was implored by major trade groups around the world, as well as several U.S. senators, not to do this.

It didn’t work.

Instead, ICANN is unleashing 300 new TLDs. Most are concept words like dot-church, dot-cooking and dot-horse; a few are geographic, including dot-vegas.

And that’s why this is a racket.”

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