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Expire.com launches as dutch auction for domain names


expire.com Expire.com

Domain name prices start at $500 and drop from there.
The team behind HugeDomains, DropCatch.com and NameBright launched a new service called Expire.com today.

It has nothing to do with expired domains, however. The name refers to domain name buying opportunities that are about to “expire” (i.e. end).

Expire.com runs dutch auctions, a model that has worked well for new top level domain name companies that have run so-called early access phases. Domain names on Expire.com start at $500, and then drop by $100 everyday until they hit $100:


For now, the service features only domain names from HugeDomains and winners will get the domains at NameBright. Domain names are mostly one and two word domains, such as GoodNeighborhoods.com, DealerApproved.com and CookFusion.com.

HugeDomains typically sells domain names for over $1,000, and the company says that, if a domain doesn’t sell in the auction, it won’t be made available again at such a low price.


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