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Domain Sales Tip: Be Aware of Auction Lock


Enom’s auction lock is something that most of us have experienced at one time or another, but for those who haven’t heard of the feature, I want to give you a brief explanation and warning about auction lock.

Auction lock is a feature that affects eNom pre-release domain names sold at NameJet, and it can be a problem for domain investors who want to quickly flip domain names and re-invest those profits.

I would consider myself a domain flipper, as I typically contact end users within a week or two of buying the domain name, with a view of selling the domain names for at least 2-3 times more than I paid for them. My usual strategy involves buying an expired domain name (usually at NameJet), and then finding a buyer – unless auction lock is involved.

Auction lock means the domain name cannot be transferred out of your eNom account for a period of 42 days – no account changes and no registrar changes. You are allowed to change the name server settings, but very little else.

I’ve experienced this auction lock restrictions firsthand, and my failure to realize eNom’s auction lock was active has actually cost me a sale. In my case, the buyer – who was ready to pay for the domain name – wasn’t willing to wait another month to own the domain. This can be frustrating, but an avoidable situation – as long as you check your domain name’s status before sending out sales emails.

Enom’s auction lock only applies to “Pre-Release” domain names sold on NameJet (rather than Pending Delete), so that 42 day holding period is something you need to take into consideration when buying domains at NameJet.

Here is NameJet’s official explanation:

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