Yet another 5 Figure .TV Sale…. | Domain Headlines

Yet another 5 Figure .TV Sale….


Domain Name Answers.TV sells for $29K .TV = $$$ ?

Another impressive .TV sale for you gTLD enthusiasts out there.  The domain name Answers.TV was recently sold for a sweet $29K. The sale was recently completed via the marketplace with the end price being accepted during Negotiation.  The seller ‘Montechristos’ reportedly completed the sale on his Birthday and I’m sure this just might be one of the Birthday’s Monte will be remembering for awhile, (remember that birthday when you first got your Nintendo NES? Or, remember that birthday when you sold a domain for $29 thousand dollars?) Congratulations to the seller  who acquired Answers.TV a couple of years prior via a domain newsletter and congratulations to the new owner for acquiring a great domain name.

Do you think Answers.TV was a fair price? We want to know!

Domain Name Answers.TV sells for $29K

.TV = $$$ ?

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